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Worldview Institute

Why did we start this?

'Stop, turn around, and go the other way.'

Repenting is not only confessing that you are a sinner but also making a stop and turning around in total to follow Jesus Christ. We would like to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to follow Him, so that they get trained through the word of God to live out and make a difference in a biblical worldview.

In South Korea, students grow up with great pressure to get the highest grades, so they can go to the best university. In college, many young adults often struggle to see the purpose in life without Christ. In order to reach the young adults, Awana Korea started the Training Center in 2018 to train Awana alumni and other young Christian adults in discipleship and English so that they can do ministry to other Korean young adults and children.

We are focused on

The Gospel

Share the gospel of Christ


Teach how to live the Christian life based on God’s Word


Build up and train international leaders of the faith with a Biblical worldview


To equip and train future Christian leaders with the language skills necessary for ministry in the global era.


What do we do?

Awana Worldview Institute provides academic and discipleship training, in English, in a program for young adults in Korea by partnering with BJU to have academic coursework, professors, leaders, and interns.  Every student who completes the program will receive a Certificate in Leadership and Biblical Worldview from Bob Jones University. Awana Korea will launch the Awana Asia Training Center by gathering students from the Awana Asia network.

What is Residence Program?

Every year, Awana Worldview Institute provides two academic sessions in Spring and Fall, length 12 weeks each. Young adults in Korea and students from the U.S. will be not only living together from Tuesday to Friday but also deeply discuss and study about what the biblical worldview is and how they shall live as christians. Professors from BJU will come to specific period when they start learning a new subject and guide them by teaching intensively while staying. They will end up getting 15 credits and certificate from BJU as finishing 1-year residence program.

Our Mission

To train young adults to come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to inspire a lifelong pursuit of learning, loving and leading.

Our Vision

To be recognized throughout Korea, by 2025, as the best place to train, in an English context, future leaders to understand and live a Biblical worldview.

Our Target

Young adults reached through the Awana Korea program who are interested in going deeper in learning God’s Word in an immersive English context and possibly consider American Christian higher education.


1) Biblical Worldview (3) 

2) OT Literature & Interpretation (3) 

3) NT Literature & Interpretation (3) 

4) Cultural Engagement (3) 

5) English Conversations (3)

Outcomes and Objectives

 1) Biblical Worldview: There is evidence that the student can accurately handle the Word, is proficient in basic Bible doctrines, and can apply Biblical principles to life and ministry ​

2) Practical Ministry Training: There is evidence that the student has hands of skill and a heart of service for local church ministry ​


3) English Language Proficiency: There is evidence that the student can use acquired language skills to navigate a variety of academic, social, professional, and ministry situations. ​


IPA & Pronunciation, Intonations and Rhythms, Introduction to Syntax, Identifying cultural nuance, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening ​


Reading for Comprehension, Writing Effective Essays, Principles of Communication, Slang, Clichés, and Idioms ​


Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Academic English, Storytelling, International Virtual Exchange


4) Cultural Engagement: There is evidence that the student possesses the skills and attitudes necessary to successfully engage in familiar and unfamiliar cultural contexts. ​


5) College Readiness: There is evidence that the student possesses the requisite competencies to successfully transition into a traditional university atmosphere and benefit from a college-level academic programming. ​




By completing the Christian Worldview Certificate Program, each student will receive a Certificate from Awana SOF Training Center (Korea) and a transcript from Bob Jones University. These credits are fully transferrable to a degree program at BJU and likely to receive due consideration from any other institution of higher learning in the US and around the world that accepts regionally accredited US coursework. 


If you are interested in

We also provide 6-month to 1-year internships for this project. If you would like to join us, click the box below or contact us via Email.

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