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SOF stands for 'Step of Faith'.

Through this program, children, teens, and young adults are trained as 'Special Forces', to develop excellence in faith. 'Awana SOF Training Center' desires for all trainees to take a "step of faith" forward in their spiritual journey through these training programs. 

One of Awana Korea's 4 Visions for 2018 is to establish the Asia Center for ministry, to meet the needs of the global era. To meet this goal of training the next faithful generation, SOF training center was established.

Through the gospel of Christ, SOF wants to challenge this generation to become believers whose lives are based on Biblical standards, develop them into leaders of the faith who have a Biblical worldview, and equip them with the linguistic skills necessary for international ministry. 

"Let the Christian Youth Change the World"

Our Mission

To produce global, Christian leaders with a Biblical worldview in order to change the world

Our Mission

Our Vision

To raise 1,000 young adults from America to Korea for the gospel and discipleship. Through that, we want to raise 1,000 young missionaries from Korea to all over the Asia in order to shake the world.

Team Awana SOF


Charlie Lee

Vice-president of Awana Korea,

Chief of SOF Training Center

and Overseas Ministry,

_뉌뀰_됣뀽_먤뀽 _뤳뀯__IMG_3499.JPG

Amir Sanga Choe

Manager of SOF Training Center 

and Oversea Ministry

Awana Korea


Katherine Getchell

Education and Training program

SOF Training Center,

Awana Korea


ESL Curriculum

SOF Training Center,

Awana Korea



Bob Jones


Bob Jones University (BJU) is a private, non-denominational evangelical university in Greenville, South Carolina, known for its conservative cultural and religious positions, established in 1927. Awana Korea and BJU work together to  build Awana Worldview Institute in Korea so that they train teens and young adults to change the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ

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Corban University

Corban University is a private, independent college in Salem, Oregon with 80 years of tradition and excellence. Corban's aim is to nurture Christians who will change the world, as reflected in the school's mission statement-"Make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ". Currently SOF and Corban University collaborate to conduct the annual English Training Camp in July.

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Moody Bible


Moody Bible Institute began as an idea—that ordinary people could be transformed by the clear, practical teaching of God’s Word. In 1886 Dwight L. Moody forged a coalition of Chicago business leaders who supported his vision of a Bible training center in an urban setting. Today there are over 47,500 Moody alumni, serving God’s people around the world.


Youth Mission International

YMI (Youth Missions International) is an American mission organization based out of Seattle, Washington. YMI is an international youth missions organization, which trains and sends leaders to share the gospel with young people all over the world. YMI is a valuable partner with Awana Korea, annually training and sending volunteers to serve in many of Awana Korea's ministries.

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